great crowd at the gallery at Cass House

A two-day trip to London is hectic at best, and it being my first time in London on my own, even more so. But it all went very well! Thanks to Laura and the wonderful people around me at the gallery, who had a busy time getting Lottie Davis’ show ready. And ready it got, the opening night was brilliant with a good crowd turning up. The show is amazing so if you are going to London drop by at the gallery, it’s worth your time, Congratulations Lottie! 🙂 More about the show here: or:


Laura (left) have been handed the prints.

My silver gelatin prints on matte paper were delivered into Laura Noble’s competent hands and are now available to see on request.The prints are from  the series “Windchimes” and “Scents of Caramel” and range from the size13x18 cm up to 75×100 cm (huge!) All printed by me in our darkroom at home, with many thanks to partner, photographer and artist Øyvind Hjelmen for support and help, without you it would not be possible.

Some pics from the evening at Laura Noble Gallery