Happy to be part of this with so many brilliant people. Thank You for inviting me and showing “Space below”

About : Space Below
Man has always been fascinated by space.
For many this means space above, the stellar space. But space is all around
us, and it is never empty. We can perceive it as empty but that only goes as
far as what our eyes can see.
The series “Space Below” is a result of my ongoing adventures through
working as a freelance fieldworker/photographer for the Marine Research
Institute of Norway.
Equipped with plankton-net, samplebottle, pipette, stereo-microscope and
camera, I am allowed to delve into a different space, a space below; the sea.
Taking home live samples of fresh seawater I lose myself to this beautiful
world of creatures, often hidden to the naked eye, with all their shapes,
colours and methods of movement.
These are not images showing them in a scientific way but rather with
wonderment to shape, form and life-forms. All images are taken through
seawater with the forms moving freely, thus also containing their colouring.
I feel humble towards these lifeforms, for they will be the last to go.
Helén Petersen

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Recently; August & September 2018

Happy to have been part of #MeToo OPENCALL, curated by Jane Fulton Alt in Perspective Gallery, Evanston, Illionis and on online exhibition, august & September 2018. Happy also to have “dragged” my youngest daughter Miriam P. Eide into this world and immensly proud of the work she has done,only 17 years young (then16!)

A few installation shots from Perspective Gallery, Evanston:


The online Exhibition:

Article in Chicago Tribune:



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Duo- Show in Skånevik

Showing the series “Scents of Caramel” alongside Øyvind Hjelmen’s “Elswhere” in Skånevik. From 5.th November 2017 – 1st January 2018

Happy to be part of Ladies Only# 3 , now showing at:

Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents:
Ladies Only #3 & Pre-X-Mas Party

19.12.2015 – 28.2.2016

Women Photographers with portraits of people and landscapes
curated by Tina Schelhorn for KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2014

Anais Lopez, Amsterdam, NL – Only in Burundi
Betsy Schneider, Phoenix, AZ, USA – Sweet is the Swamp
Dona Schwartz, Minneapolis, USA – Empty Nesters
Elaine Ling, Toronto, Canada – Baobab: Tree of Generations
Helen Petersen, Stord, Norway – Windchimes
Helen K.Garber, Santa Monica, USA – Night View of LA
Ilse Bing, NY, USA – Self Portraits and Paris in the 30th
Katharina Hesse, Beijing, China – Betel Nut Girls, Taipeh
Marion Belanger, Guilford, CT, USA – Rift/ FaultMartine Fougeron, NY, USA – Teen Tribe
Midori Mitamura, Tokyo, Japan – Ikeda Midori
Rebecca Norris Webb, Brooklyn, USA – My Dakota
Scarlett Coten, Paris, France – Mectoub
Susan Barnett, NY, USA – Not in Your Face
Susan Lipper, NY, USA – Not Yet Titled
Walde Huth – Köln, Germany – Paris Haute Couture 1955

More images from the opening here:


Detailed information: http://www.lichtblicknet.com/aktuell/

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DSC_0132 copy – Kopi copy Finally, some new work in my ongoing series “Space Below”. Re-editing and retouching have been  long-awaited task and it feels good to continue this series that is very close to my heart. The series started whilst working for the Marine Research Institute, Norway back in 2007 and gives a portrait of, at times, minute life that goes on around (or below the surface to be precise) us.

A fascinating  and beautiful world, that if it ends, wil be the end of us all. Working on this series have taught me so much and it is a joy to return to it time and time again, and will be continued at uneven spaces….All creatures photographed live


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