Happy to be part of this with so many brilliant people. Thank You for inviting me and showing “Space below”

About : Space Below
Man has always been fascinated by space.
For many this means space above, the stellar space. But space is all around
us, and it is never empty. We can perceive it as empty but that only goes as
far as what our eyes can see.
The series “Space Below” is a result of my ongoing adventures through
working as a freelance fieldworker/photographer for the Marine Research
Institute of Norway.
Equipped with plankton-net, samplebottle, pipette, stereo-microscope and
camera, I am allowed to delve into a different space, a space below; the sea.
Taking home live samples of fresh seawater I lose myself to this beautiful
world of creatures, often hidden to the naked eye, with all their shapes,
colours and methods of movement.
These are not images showing them in a scientific way but rather with
wonderment to shape, form and life-forms. All images are taken through
seawater with the forms moving freely, thus also containing their colouring.
I feel humble towards these lifeforms, for they will be the last to go.
Helén Petersen