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Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents:
Ladies Only #3 & Pre-X-Mas Party

19.12.2015 – 28.2.2016

Women Photographers with portraits of people and landscapes
curated by Tina Schelhorn for KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2014

Anais Lopez, Amsterdam, NL – Only in Burundi
Betsy Schneider, Phoenix, AZ, USA – Sweet is the Swamp
Dona Schwartz, Minneapolis, USA – Empty Nesters
Elaine Ling, Toronto, Canada – Baobab: Tree of Generations
Helen Petersen, Stord, Norway – Windchimes
Helen K.Garber, Santa Monica, USA – Night View of LA
Ilse Bing, NY, USA – Self Portraits and Paris in the 30th
Katharina Hesse, Beijing, China – Betel Nut Girls, Taipeh
Marion Belanger, Guilford, CT, USA – Rift/ FaultMartine Fougeron, NY, USA – Teen Tribe
Midori Mitamura, Tokyo, Japan – Ikeda Midori
Rebecca Norris Webb, Brooklyn, USA – My Dakota
Scarlett Coten, Paris, France – Mectoub
Susan Barnett, NY, USA – Not in Your Face
Susan Lipper, NY, USA – Not Yet Titled
Walde Huth – Köln, Germany – Paris Haute Couture 1955

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