(1) The last few months I’ve been working for the first time with a Holga, 6 x 6 cm black & white film.

It has been a new adventure, knowing that working with this type of camera nothing is ever certain.

Be that as it may, it has given me a different kind of freedom, allowing the images to float through my mind, “wandering” in-and-out  of states of mind, dreamlike,- at times surreal…creating it’s own universe…where anywhere was


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At long last..

the blog has been updated with a new look and additions/ retractions in the albums…and an album with a new ongoing project; “Lonescapes”-

Up until now my photographywork have been digital, but these last few months I have retrieved my old analog kamera, Ricoh KR5, photographing with black & white film, become a novise in the darkroom and experienced the magic of seing images develop on paper. I look forward to sharing some of that work in the not so distant future.

White Lonescapes (5)

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